I  Fly

“There are times I wish I could do everything in this world.  Watching skateboarders like this automatically sends you to a place of “what if”.  This photo stamps a moment in time that I’m particularly partial too.”

JuantapeActor Juan Riedinger

“Juan is a tremendous talent.  We shot this on location of the film ‘Alice D’.  Juan picked up this roll of duct tape, and started playing.  It actually embodies his character from the shoot so well, and works as a sort of narrative.”



Actress Jessica Sonneborn

“This was another one on the Warner Bros lot.  A gust of wind came through, and destroyed Jessica’s hair.  I had my camera ready and snapped.  There’s something about the natural context that always wins me over with photographs.”



Somethin Fierce

Somethin Fierce

“This is one of my favorites.  Noelle was so good about letting me direct her, even getting very goofy at times.  She played right along.  Her attitude towards that gave us some pretty great captures, including this one.”

Actress Kristina Hammond on location of the Horror film 'Alice D'

Actress Kristina Hammond on location of the Horror film ‘Alice D’

“This was on location of the horror film ‘Alice D’.  We had a ton of fun costumes to play with, as well as gorgeous rooms in this mansion located in Barrington, RI.”

Venice Canals, CA

Venice Canals, CA

“Let’s just say sometimes, as a photographer, you get lucky.  I was walking back to my car after a day of shooting the Venice Skatepark, and I stumbled upon this particular bridge crossing the canals. The sun was setting, and the light was perfect.  That’s that.”


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